Monday, April 20, 2009


I finally am employed again. I was recruited by Omation Animation Studio today as a production assistant. I'm so psyched that I got the spot. When I got the phone call last Tuesday and was asked to come in for an interview I was jumping up and down saying, "Finally!" I finally got the opportunity to get in to the industry I had studied for. During the interview I felt very confident that I had the job nailed but after the interview I wasn't sure. I was worried and freaked out that some how I messed up, whether I said the wrong thing didn't make a good impression something? After everything was said and done they told me that they would be making a decision by the end of the week.

Friday arrives and goes by pretty fast so I thought all was lost. Then the unthinkable happened, my brother got burned again because the lawnmower blew and burned his arm. This all happened while my parents were in Arizona visiting Chris my older brother for his birthday. So my parents ended coming home early and a fight broke out between my family and it was not fun at all. That Sunday my brother and parents spent all day at the hospital to make sure his burns weren't to terrible. So everything ended up being okay and he had to go back in for another look at his other burns.

While they were gone I emailed the studio asking them about the position and if it was still available. I then walked downstairs to make my lunch and then I received a phone call from Sonia, one of my interviewers. She offered me the position and I accepted immediately. I then jumped up and did heel clicker! Funny right I know but I am psyched.

My first day is tomorrow and I have to be there at 10am. That's fine not too early right? The only problem is the studio is San Clemente which takes about 40 minutes to get there without traffic. With traffic, I'm not sure but I'm going to find out tomorrow. So wish me luck for my new job and who said prayer never worked.

Side Note: I just discovered something wrong with my eyes. I keep seeing a small black spot. Great timing to get benefits right?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Painting

Okay that painting I was working became a train wreck so I choped, cut and rebuilt it into something smaller and I think it's working better.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First painting in a long time

During this time of having no job I have just started to paint again and it's amazing how things start to come back after not painting for so long. I'm also doing some painting to put some stuff together for a portfolio so I can land that dream job some day. I just started this one and it's not even close to being completed so it may turn out different then what I have outlined so far. Critiques always welcome of course.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Job Hunt

Well the job hunt hasn't been going to well. I've been applying to about 4 to 5 jobs a day and unfortunately no one has sent me any emails or phone calls. Maybe I need to jazz up my resume some more or something. I may post my resume on here to see if anyone could make some recommendations or even for some prospects. What you think I should do?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Sick

So I have come down with a mild cold. It started on Saturday with a post nasal drip and now has worked its way up to a full blown cold. It really sucks cause there were a lot of things I wanted to do this week but now will have to wait. Oh well I guess.

Also this weekend was Craig and Courtney's wedding. It turned out to be a great day with lots of sun and no rain. Unfortunately it was not the greatest wedding because no one was dancing the entire time. I was getting a little bored. However watching the groom get really drunk was kind of funny especially since the bride was upset about it. I'll try to get some pictures for you guys later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phone Interview

Had a phone interview today with Walsworth Publishing. They work with school to publish year books through an online resource. The job sounded pretty cool so far because I would get to work from home. My schedule would be something like a teachers so I would have two months off during the summer. From what I understood the pay is pretty good also, you get paid from a commission. So you get paid weekly from a base salary commission and then if you sell extra you get paid more. A little confusing right? I thought so. However the only part I don't like is that I would be calling schools directly and trying to make sales with them. Though the fun part would be going to the schools and talking to the teachers and students.

If you want to check out their website it's:

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm waiting for some call backs or emails back from several jobs that I have applied for. I have mostly applied at Kaiser Permanente because my friend Russ works there. From what he tells me it sounds like a great place to work. Great job security and great benefits. I have also applied for jobs at Microsoft, HP, and a couple of studios like Nickelodeon.

Another thing that I don't usually do but I have been is praying. Well if you know me then you know that is different for me. I hope that my prayers are answered or at least heard because I can not lose Lisa. She is my best friend and means everything to me. I have to find a job.