Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I'm sitting here at my computer talking with a few good friends of mine wondering where my life is going. Thinking about going back to school, a career at Best Buy, or... Well I don't know yet. I have quite a few hours before I have to go to work tomorrow so I think I am going to actually work on something while listening to some bad ass soundtracks. I'm also going to finish "Goblet of Fire" tonight. I have been getting a lot of cool ideas for illustrations from that book but I know I should try to do something original right. So we'll see what happens. Therefore right now I'm going to go finish my laundry and play some "Mass Effect" while I wait. By the way once I finish "Mass Effect" I will give you the low down on why this is one of the must haves for the Xbox 360 along with "Call of Duty 4." All of you who think the PS3 is better along with blowsray need to start realizing the truth. You screwed up and bought the wrong system!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Halo 3

To begin with I was never a huge Halo fan. I thought it looked like crap, didn't play well and was quite boring. I also felt there were some much better games out there such as Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Which to this day I still feel that those are the better games compared to the first Halo.

Then Halo 2 came out... I was impressed with the graphics for sure cause it was a huge leap from the first game. Still the same game though but I definitely enjoyed. Also the big bonus was an actual online mode so you could play on Xbox Live with anyone in the world. But at the time I was still into Ghost Recon 2 and was still playing Rainbow Six. Ghost Recon 2 had made leaps and bounds as far as graphically and game play. So I was definitely hooked into that.

Halo 3 is launched. I've been waiting for this game to come out and like I said earlier I'm not a huge fan of Halo but this one is good. Way better than the last two and with some new features such as the ability to share video clips of game play and screen shots. This is something the first person shooters have been lacking for a long time and I'm glad it finally has come cause this is definitely one of my favorite features of Halo 3. My other favorite thing about Halo which was carried over from the last is the Party feature. It allows you to invite friends into your lobby then you can easily find a game together. Which makes for a great online gaming experience.

The Bad about Halo 3... God Damn Beat Downs!!! Sooooo... Many.... Timessss..... The panzees will be ten feet from you and lunge towards you and take you down with the beat down. The gay thing about it is that I too hit the beat down button and get nothing. This is the most frustrating thing about this game. It's so damn frustrating I want to throw my controller through the tv. So that's my only complaint about the game. Overall it is pretty damn sweet. I you don't have it, get it. You will be happy.

If you are wondering about the single player action it's actually pretty good too. The story gets finished up very well. I would talk more about the story but I don't want to spoil it for someone (Shane).

(All images taken from my actual game footage.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Too Damn Busy

Too damn busy man. It seems like I work all the damn time so I have no time for anything else. On top of that I close everyday except for on Saturday. Work is alright though. At least the discount and the benefits are pretty damn good. On a good note Lisa got a job at a hospital in Pasadena making some good money. She's very happy that she doesn't have to work at Rainforest any more cause she was doing all the work instead of her supervisor helping like she is supposed too. Her drive shouldn't be too long now which is a good thing cause today it took her almost two hours to drive home form Costa Mesa. That's ridiculous! Stupid traffic. Well I just finished my gaming time with Russ so I'm going to go to bed shortly. I have all day tomorrow and Thursday off so I will definitely get something up soon. I did enter into the cgtalk challenge so I'll most likely be working on something for that. Aight.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So for the last few days I've been up North spending some time with my friends Russ and Meghan. They live in Pleasanton, CA which is about 45mins from San Francisco. On Monday we Russ and I went to San Pedro lake which was a lot of fun until my knee got tore up when I was tossed of a tube at about 30 to 35 MPH. It's pretty crazy when you can fell your self skipping across the water just like throwing a rock.

So I leave in the morning or noonish and I'm thinking about taking the scenic route which may tack on some more time but we'll see. Anyways when I get home I'll try to whip up some work for everyone to see.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

This Year's Blockbuster!!!

On Tuesday I was able to hop over to Cinema City Theaters to see "Transformers." Let me first talk about how excellent this theater is. The first time I was there was in 1989 to see Batman. I wasn't living in California at the time just visiting for the summer and that was the last and only time I had been to this Cinema City Theaters. Until now!

I was dying to go see "Live Free or Die Hard." I was so hyped up about this movie that I wasn't going to see this movie any other way other than DLP. So I want on the Internet, did a search for DLP theaters and Cinema City came up. I didn't recognize the location online (Anaheim, CA off of La Palma) but once I got to the theater I definitely recognized it then. I remembered my mom driving us all over to find this theater to see "Batman" when we were on vacation. Considering how old the theater was I was skeptical about the quality of the theater especially since the ticket prices were cheap! 4 bucks before noon and 5 bucks before 6PM! But once we got inside I was astonished because everything was up to date. New seats, clean floors, cup holders, rocking chairs, and not one mark on the screen. The other great thing was that they have 6 DLP screens in the whole house. So for all of you who don't want to drive all the way out to the Arclight... ah forget it this place blows the Arclight away. Just go check it out you won't be disappointed.

Back to Die Hard. So watching it in DLP is a must and it was flawless. Great audio, even better picture and the movie was fantastic. John McClane is back absolutely! Bruce Willis, to my opinion, is one of the most under rated actors out there. He can do it all. He can fight kung fu chicks, harbor multiple types of weapons and some of the most intuitive ways to dispatch his enemies. Meaning he can launch a car into a helicopter all because he was out of bullets. Doing all of this while showing the typical John McClane humor.

I went back to the theater the next day to see "Ratatouille" which was also in DLP. I found myself scanning the backgrounds a lot in this movie. I was amazed with the detail and textures. More so then any of the prior Pixar flicks. Amazing how you can see the technology and software get better after each movie. This was a great family film about following your dreams and talents. I found it lots of fun and pretty funny through out. Definitely check this one out.

"I can tell that there is definitely more than meets the eye with you..." "Transformers" was and is Phenomenal. This a must see for all. It's funny, action packed, beautiful and action packed. I loved the references to the old show and toys with the little one liners like the one above especially when Optimus Prime commands to, "Roll out!" The integration of the transformers with in the live action scenes were flawless. Everything was super realistic and believable. How could you doubt Micheal Bay people? I especially loved the building relationship with Sam, Mikaela, and Bumblebee. I read a review that said there wasn't a lot of character interaction and too many robots. Umm the movie is called "Transformers" which is about the relationships between a human boy and giant robots who work together to save the world from the evil decepticons! Haven't you seen the damn cartoon! Oh and I know some of the fan boys were upset with the changes from the original show but a bad ass Camaro is way better than a rubber ban powered VW Beetle. When I said that it was beautiful that was no lie because Megan Fox is along with many shots in the movie. Micheal Bay is fantastic at getting great looking action shots and especially his still shots.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Welcome to my blog everybody. I started this to post some of my work in progress to eventually put in my portfolio. Also I will post movie and game reviews along with other meaningless garble that I feel like talking about, ie:Best Buy. So enjoy.