Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phone Interview

Had a phone interview today with Walsworth Publishing. They work with school to publish year books through an online resource. The job sounded pretty cool so far because I would get to work from home. My schedule would be something like a teachers so I would have two months off during the summer. From what I understood the pay is pretty good also, you get paid from a commission. So you get paid weekly from a base salary commission and then if you sell extra you get paid more. A little confusing right? I thought so. However the only part I don't like is that I would be calling schools directly and trying to make sales with them. Though the fun part would be going to the schools and talking to the teachers and students.

If you want to check out their website it's: http://www.walsworthyearbooks.com/

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm waiting for some call backs or emails back from several jobs that I have applied for. I have mostly applied at Kaiser Permanente because my friend Russ works there. From what he tells me it sounds like a great place to work. Great job security and great benefits. I have also applied for jobs at Microsoft, HP, and a couple of studios like Nickelodeon.

Another thing that I don't usually do but I have been is praying. Well if you know me then you know that is different for me. I hope that my prayers are answered or at least heard because I can not lose Lisa. She is my best friend and means everything to me. I have to find a job.