Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern 3D

Don't worry, no spoilers here...

Midnight was the release of Green Lantern and since Legend3D actually did about 3 to 4 minutes of conversion on this film we had a private screening at Ultrastar in Mission Valley. It was great for Legend3D to arrange this for us. I must say that this theater is not the greatest though.

The theater was tiny, has non-stadium seating and is very uncomfortable. At least the screen was in good shape, picture quality and brightness of the projector were pretty good. This definitely helped with the presentation of the movie even though I had to look around someone's large head.

Presentation... was pretty much all of what this movie had. Overall Green Lantern did not live up to any of the hype. Definitely had all of the cheese I was expecting from any other movie that Ryan Reynolds is in. I do enjoy a lot of his movies but, majority of those are comedy driven. This was supposed to be a sci-fi action adventure hero flick or, something like that... Through out the movie I was feeling generally entertained with some cool CG effects and gorgeous landscapes (that were also CG). The story was pretty general with some meaningless plot twists and vague character connections. I didn't really care what was going on with Hal Jordan's (Ryan Reynolds) life and the post traumatic stress issues he was suffering from. I knew he was going to be Green Lantern and just wanted to have it happen already. And, don't get me started on Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). This character was completely pointless and didn't really do anything for the story except for filling a common story plot. Which is, the hero has to save the girl!

I would honestly have to say that the 3D on this movie was pretty good. Some of the shots were really deep. To the point where I had to actually focus to things that were really deep in the background. And, they were able to achieve this depth with out any stretching. Though this is probably contributed to the fact that most of this movie was actually rendered in 3D because of the high volume of CG elements. The scenes that we had worked looked amazing with no stretching or artifacting that I could see. Overall, the 3D was very clean even though there was occasional ghosting on some shinny surfaces.

The big question is, should you see this movie? Yes and in 3D but, I wouldn't even bother rushing out right now and don't bother seeing it in 2D. A lot of the landscapes would not be as impressive in 2D and that's what I liked most about this movie. Avoid the crowds and try to catch a matinee. I was fortunate enough to see it at a discounted rate. Unless, you have a 3D TV. Then go ahead and wait for the 3D Blu-ray to come along and rent it.

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